Yes, I’m on Youtube

This year I started doing Youtube videos around photography, creativity and art in different forms. Even if I have photographed for many years. To shoot videos is a new and different kind of experience with different skill sets and challenges. And I’m learning a lot from each video i shoot. Like How to use my… Continue reading Yes, I’m on Youtube

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Video from my Exhibit in Skövde

Thank you everyone who came to suport me at my first solo art exhibit. And also all of thoseyou who couldn’t come but was with me in spirit. It has really been an awesome experience!  I made a short video of the exhibit that I hope you enjoy! LoveTiina

Always remember to evolve as an artist – new prints in making

Before I broke my hand almost two months ago I started a new series. A series that is very different from my usual work. I can’t really describe the feel of them at this moment. But. I like them a lot. And they are very much all still mysterious and intriguing. I started to play… Continue reading Always remember to evolve as an artist – new prints in making

A dystopian feeling

This is a new portrait. A little bit different from the greyish tones I’ve usually use. I needed to do something different this time. I love experimenting. I want to continue to evolve my craftmanship. My artistry. I think I’m entering a different artistic road this fall. My latest portraits has a different feeling and looks… Continue reading A dystopian feeling

Alone in the dark

I sometimes loose words. Not that I forget them but I don’t seem to know what to say or write. The words docent flow out like they usually do and I will have a really hard time pushing them out into the world. But I enjoy silence. So losing my voice or my words dosen’t… Continue reading Alone in the dark