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Blue days

Sometimes I worry that this is it. That I will not have any more ideas. No more stories to tell and no more portraits to make. Sometimes that voice is really loud in my head. It drowns the voice that says that this is just a quiet period. That the ideas will come again. I have had… Read More Blue days


The shop is open!

I have shared my portraits on social media and my blog for the last couple of years and I’m now ready to take the next step. Therefore, I have opened a web shop to sell my art in small limited edition Fine Art prints. This means that if you see art you like, you will… Read More The shop is open!


Time flies

It’s hard to comprehend that it’s already been a year since I talked at Photoshopday that Batteri kommunikation arranged in Stockholm (at Moderna museet) and Gothenburg last fall! I’m so proud that I took the chance to talk of my art and my process in front of a public even if I was as nervous as anyone… Read More Time flies

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At times you realise that you have lost you’re self in chaos. A deep crack that has built up in your mind or soul. A hinder you somehow have to get pass. To mend. When we get pass these cracks in our souls and minds it makes us stronger. Or weaker if you allow it grasp your inner being. But… Read More Divided

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New art – Hidden truth

You can’t tell by looking at a person what she or he has been trough or are going trough at this very moment. The wounds that are healed and the wounds that still are wide open. A question about something that you try to hide could be like a hard punsch in the stomach. A punch that is so hard that it… Read More New art – Hidden truth


A new beginning

New hair and a new site. Both have been a long time coming. After last year I needed to change things. So my hair went to blond a couple of weeks ago. It’s a big change and it took a long time for me to even recognise myself in the mirror. I haven’t been blond in… Read More A new beginning