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It has been a few weeks now since my exhibit in Hjo Church. It was so fun to be in Hjo and show my art in a space of contemplation. Thank you to all of you who came to my exhibit in Hjo church! Over 600 of you passed trough over the 3 day exhibit and the town art fair.

It took a while to process my experience and I think I’m still processing. I talked to many who came to my exhibit in this beautiful lake town. Locals, tourists från other places in Sweden and Europe. Many of them said that they where touched and that my images where moving and soul searching.

I also observed how the visitors connected (or not) with the pieces. Some went trough the exhibit quite fast. And some took their time and walked slowly and stood a long time in front of some of the pieces. Some even came again the day after to look at my art for a second or third time. That warmed my heart immensely. And when I talked to some of my exhibit visitors they said that they could see the personal struggles trough a human life. The sadness. The longing. The hope. And this space was perfect for the art because people gather here to get guiding in life. A shoulder to cry on. Finding hope in dark moments in life.

I also got a lot of questions about my art and if my portraits where paintings or photos. And it makes me very happy. It’s my goal. I want to make my portraits feel and look like paintings. But they are photographs. I want them to feel and look painterly.

Thank you Hjo parish for the invitation to show my art in your beautiful church! And I also want to say a million thanks to Eva and Helena who helped me with everything practical at the exhibit! I love you guys!

And with all my heart thank you everyone who visited for your appreciation, love and support for my art! <3

All of the pieces I exhibited are for sale so if you want to own one of them please contact me.

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By Tiina

I'm a Swedish Fine Art Self portrait Photographer and I love telling stories with my art. I can't imagine a world without love, imagination and creativity. That's what makes my heart and soul feel alive.

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