Embracing the Beauty of May

As I sit by my desk taking a break and watch out my window, I am reminded of the extraordinary beauty that May brings each year. The vibrant colors and the lively activity of nature right outside my window and in my garden gives me such joy.

A Window to Wonder

A pair of European pied flycatchers has built their nest in the oak tree outside my window.

From my window, I see a sea of emerald and neon greens and fiery reds as the leaves whisper in the gentle breeze, illuminated by the golden glitter of the sun. I watch the birds that are busily nesting, crafting their homes in the lush, green oak tree just outside my window, their songs filling the air with a celebration of life. Sometimes, I also catch a glimpse of a shy little squirrel munching on a nut. But mostly, I see my neighbors’ cats on their daily strolls, each one on their own little adventure.

The Ever-Changing Light and colors of May

One of my favorite moments is watching the sun’s transition from the soft light of morning to the intense brightness of midday. Each change trough the day paints a unique picture of the day’s beauty, reminding me that every day is different yet familiar. How lucky am I to find such wonder outside my window?

The Symphony of Spring

If I open my window, I can smell the sweet scent of blooming lilacs and hear the birds’ songs even more vibrantly. Occasionally, I hear the distant rumble of an approaching thunderstorm, followed by rain that starts softly and then intensifies, cleansing the earth with each silver drop. The rain that moistens the parched soil, awakes dormant seeds and coaxing life from the shadows.

After the passing storm, the world is washed clean by nature’s tears, with puddles mirroring the sky and glistening like jewels on every surface.

A Moment of Serene Stillness

With every breath i fill my lungs with the earthy aroma of petrichor, mingling with the sweet fragrance of renewed blossoms. It’s a moment of serene stillness, a perfect time to pause and appreciate the simple yet profound beauty of nature and my favourite month.

Celebrating My Favorite Month

May is not just another month; it’s my favorite month of the year, a time when everything seems to happen at once, only to be over all too soon. This year, I’m determined to embrace each breathtaking moment of spring and the coming summer even more than I use to.

I will let my spirit soar with the birds and savor the beauty of every blossoming flower. I plan to take small breaks to feel the grass under my feet, smell the flowers, listen to the rain and thunder, fill my lungs with fresh morning air, and pick flowers to enjoy at my desk.

Join Me on My Journey

I invite you to join me and embracing the beauty of May and this coming season. I haven’t been that active on Instagram lately but I will try this summer to get back into it. Check out the photos I’ve taken so far and follow me on my on my socials for more updates and inspiration. Come and say hello and let’s celebrate the beauty of nature together!

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Thank you for reading, and I hope you find as much joy in these moments as I do. Stay tuned for more updates and beautiful captures of nature’s wonders!

With love,

By Tiina

I'm a Swedish Fine Art Self portrait Photographer and I love telling stories with my art. I can't imagine a world without love, imagination and creativity. That's what makes my heart and soul feel alive.

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