New portrait – Speed edit in Photoshop

In my latest video on Youtube I show you how I edit my portrait Cleansing Flame in Photoshop.

In this self-portrait, I’ve captured the profound symbolism of rebirth through fire, a testament to the strength that lies within. Just like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, we all have the power to transform and emerge stronger than ever before.

Life often presents us with challenges that test our resilience and inner fire. It’s in those moments of adversity that we discover our true strength. The flames that once threatened to consume us become a catalyst for growth and renewal.

This portrait reflects the journey of self-discovery, where the old parts of ourselves are burned away, clearing the path for a brighter, more empowered version to emerge. It’s a reminder that our scars, both visible and invisible, are the marks of our resilience and the source of our unique beauty.

Let this artwork serve as a testament to the transformative power of embracing change and finding strength in the face of adversity. May it inspire you to ignite your own inner fire, to embrace the flames of rebirth, and to rise above any obstacles that come your way.

Remember, you are capable of incredible transformations. Embrace the fire within you and let it guide you towards the brightest version of yourself.

By Tiina

I'm a Swedish Fine Art Self portrait Photographer and I love telling stories with my art. I can't imagine a world without love, imagination and creativity. That's what makes my heart and soul feel alive.

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