The Night Mare

In Scandinavian folklore, one figure stands out—the Night Mare. A scary female spirit who haunts dreams.

Spring joy

Spring has arrived, and with it comes a symphony of colors and scents in the form of beautiful flowers. They have a magical power that instantly lift my spirit and makes my heart dance with joy. As the spring sun kisses my skin, I can’t help but kick off my shoes and feel the soft… Continue reading Spring joy

Nothing is real – Matrix unfolded

Nothing is real. Everything is a construct. We are all but pawns in a grand cosmic game. Introducing my latest self-portrait, a glimpse into the labyrinth of perception where reality bends and fractures. Inspired by the enigmatic world of “The Matrix,” I invite you to dive into the depths of introspection and question the nature… Continue reading Nothing is real – Matrix unfolded

Categorized as Fine art

A dystopian feeling

This is a new portrait. A little bit different from the greyish tones I’ve usually use. I needed to do something different this time. I love experimenting. I want to continue to evolve my craftmanship. My artistry. I think I’m entering a different artistic road this fall. My latest portraits has a different feeling and looks… Continue reading A dystopian feeling

Alone in the dark

I sometimes loose words. Not that I forget them but I don’t seem to know what to say or write. The words docent flow out like they usually do and I will have a really hard time pushing them out into the world. But I enjoy silence. So losing my voice or my words dosen’t… Continue reading Alone in the dark

Spring is here and I can’t wait to shoot

Last couple of years I have been shooting some spring inspired portraits when a special tree in my garden blooms. Right now I’m waiting anxiously for the blossoms to bloom so I can begin with the portraits for this time. I shot the portraits below last year. Can’t wait for what I create this year!  

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