Always remember to evolve as an artist – new prints in making

Before I broke my hand almost two months ago I started a new series. A series that is very different from my usual work. I can’t really describe the feel of them at this moment. But. I like them a lot. And they are very much all still mysterious and intriguing. I started to play… Continue reading Always remember to evolve as an artist – new prints in making

Autumn comes with changes

It’s already September. Autumn is here. These last weeks I’ve started to feel that the air is different. The warm winds have faded and become a bit chillier and crisp. Autumn has started to make her entry and a long summer has come to an end. Early this summer I bought myself an Apple Watch. I wanted… Continue reading Autumn comes with changes

Social media silence

I’ve been kind of absent on social media for a while. And last week talking to my friend Maja I realized I was bored. And frustrated. This over the “need to have a perfect feed” and follow the social media rules to get noticed. This has made me think to much on what to publish and when. And… Continue reading Social media silence

Past Present and Future

2016 has ended and a brand new year of 2017 has begun. It’s a new book with adventures, knowledge and imagination. 12 new chapters and 365 pages long. But first let’s look back at 2016 (You can read about 2015 here). 2016 was the year I started up my business again from a slumbering presence. Apart from photography I’ve also worked as a consultant in communications… Continue reading Past Present and Future

The land of Death

I like to play when I work. You never know where you end up when you do. Wouldn’t it be just awful to just do the same thing over and over again? It’s my greatest fear. I hate doing same things. I get bored and I do everything I can to avoid it. So now… Continue reading The land of Death

Blue days

Sometimes I worry that this is it. That I will not have any more ideas. No more stories to tell and no more portraits to make. Sometimes that voice is really loud in my head. It drowns the voice that says that this is just a quiet period. That the ideas will come again. I have had… Continue reading Blue days

Looking backwards and forwards

[tg_vimeo width=”” height=”” video_id=”158461116″] It’s good to now and then look back to what you have accomplished. It’s also good to look forward. What do you want to do? What fills your heart and soul and what diminishes it? Last year was a really low year for me but my art made me survive many of the… Continue reading Looking backwards and forwards

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