Spring joy

Spring has arrived, and with it comes a symphony of colors and scents in the form of beautiful flowers. They have a magical power that instantly lift my spirit and makes my heart dance with joy. As the spring sun kisses my skin, I can’t help but kick off my shoes and feel the soft… Continue reading Spring joy

Embracing spring – April

Spring, oh how it enchants and rejuvenates my soul! There’s something magical about this season, as if the world awakens from a deep slumber, transforming right before my eyes. It’s as if a gentle breeze whispers secrets in my ear, lifting the veil that cloaked nature’s true essence. With each passing day, the grip of… Continue reading Embracing spring – April

Wood anemone dance

Nature never ceases to amaze me! Witnessing the delicate beauty of a wood anemone unfurling it’s petals is a truly magical experience. I picked a few and took them inside to make a time-laps. It’s like watching them dance when they have light and warmth. I made five time lapses. Each one of the wood… Continue reading Wood anemone dance

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Video from my Exhibit in Skövde

Thank you everyone who came to suport me at my first solo art exhibit. And also all of thoseyou who couldn’t come but was with me in spirit. It has really been an awesome experience!  I made a short video of the exhibit that I hope you enjoy! LoveTiina

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