May I love you

May I love you? May I love you! May, I love you. May. I love you.

May is the time of the year that infuses me with newfound energy and inspires me to plan and embark on new adventures. Whether it’s taking leisurely walks through fragrant gardens, capturing breathtaking flowers and sunsets, or simply savouring a cup of tea while gazing at the dancing leaves, May encourages me to embrace the present moment and cherish life’s simple pleasures. This weeks video is a collection of a few of those moments. 

I think May is the most beautiful month of the year and it’s my favourite month. May marks the beginning of a blooming paradise, filling the air with the most captivating fragrances like the sweet scent of Lilacs. How I love the flowery scent! This year I tried to bottle up the fragrance of these sweet blossoms for a little bit longer and I made some Lilac syrup. Video about that will come up soon.

I can’t help but express my genuine love for May. The month that has the vibrant blooms paint the world with their mesmerizing colors, From lush green meadows to vibrant blossoms in every corner, May seems to sprinkle magic, transforming the world around me into a living fairytale. Oh, and let’s not forget the delightful symphony of birdsong that accompanies my every step. The cheerful melodies woven by these tiny musicians serve as a reminder that May is a season of harmony, where nature harmonies effortlessly, and I find solace in their cheerful tunes.

In this weeks Youtube video I hope to convey my profound love I hold for May—a month that brings so much light, love, and tranquility into my life. Let me transport you to a realm of serenity and wonder. Grab a cozy seat, and immerse. Remember, my friends, life is a gift, and the month of May is an enchanting chapter waiting to be explored. And if you don’t already, subscribe for more videos.

Did you know that I have two Instagrams? One for my fine art and one for my nature photos. Check out them here: @tiinapetersson and @tiinapetersson_photography

By Tiina

I'm a Swedish Fine Art Self portrait Photographer and I love telling stories with my art. I can't imagine a world without love, imagination and creativity. That's what makes my heart and soul feel alive.

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